Our Story

Situated in the inner city suburb of Northcote, Plaza Deli has thrived on good will, strong belief and persistence. Previously run by few different owners, Plaza Deli finally got it’s distinct feel in 2005 when it was purchased by Meri Bozinov, who put her own personal touch to it and made it into the institution it is today.

Meri’s hard working upbringing and 20 years of experience in the food industry brought Plaza Deli the keys to success she was sure it had the potential to become. Her vibrant, multilingual, creative female mind, backed by the strong-headed Aries in her stars, makes her
passionate in pushing boundaries with competition and driven to better herself and her products for her own clientele, who she sees as part of her own family.

Plaza Deli is proud of it’s multicultural roots, reflecting the many different backgrounds in the products sold, languages spoken, and music listened to on a daily basis. It is a place a person comes searching for the unusual, extravagant and classy, and never fails to be surprised by the choice amongst the 2700 lines on offer.The reliable, consistent and devoted staff of Plaza Deli has been growing together for the last 13 years, and the family atmosphere within has had it hailed ‘a diamond among the rocks’.

This little Northcote icon wishes to thank it’s amazing customers for the support in the previous 13 years, and to welcome you back to the next new and exciting chapter of our future.